Is your lawn feeding racoons and skunks?

You woke up this morning, glanced out the window and had a nasty surprise: your lawn is in bad shape. It is as if it hosted a tiller race. Actually, your lawn is infested with grubs, a real treat for racoons and skunks.

Grubs come from the larvae of certain beetles such as Junebugs and scarab beetles. Fond of fibrous turfgrass roots, they leave spongy areas behind, which cause the grass to break into turfs easily. Given that the most common Junebug in Quebec takes three years to mature, infestations tend to follow this cycle.

If the area affected is small in size, you can always shovel the earth containing the grubs and replace it with new earth. You can then reseed or lay out some new grass; however, if the infestation is severe, applying an insecticide is essential. Yet, not all insecticides have the same efficiency, and their use can have negative impacts on your environment. Moreover, the most efficient application is strictly regulated and requires the intervention of certified specialists.